Therapy |

We run high-quality evidence-based group therapy during school terms. Our groups are an integral part of our services. We believe that all our clients should access group therapy - an important setting to consolidate goals and work alongside peers.

Some of the groups we regularly offer are:
- Storytelling Groups
- Neurodiversity Affirming Social Groups
- Play N Chat Groups
- Preschool Playgroup
- Writing Groups on Telehealth
- Loud N Proud Group for Working on Speech Clarity with Peers
- Pre-Literacy Groups

School Holiday
Intensives |

We have developed three unique, evidence-based intensives that run regularly during school holidays:

- Speech Intensive to work on speech production skills intensively in 1:1 appointments
- Literacy Intensive to work on reading and writing skills intensively in 1:1 appointments
- Getting Ready for Kindy Intensive for children starting Kindergarten. This intensive runs each January and is a small group with a focus on school readiness skills including engaging in structured routines and tasks, early literacy, and social interactions.

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