Our Purpose

At WSSP, our purpose is to provide high-quality, accessible speech pathology services to children and young people in the Blacktown community. We see communication as a basic human right. We are committed to providing family centred, evidence-based speech pathology services.

For our team, our purpose is to create a workplace that is fulfilling and enjoyable, and that offers speech pathologists opportunities for clinical excellence and career progression. Our speech pathologists are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They are supported and nurtured by our leadership team.


Meet Our Team

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Our Values

We have 4 core values at WSSP.

Results Oriented: We set clear goals and discuss how progress will be measured.  We openly seek feedback from our patients on their satisfaction with our services. We are passionate about growth and learning.  We regularly review our therapists’ development and career goals.

Wholistic: We consider the whole child and family when developing therapy plans. We empower parents to become active participants in improving their child’s communication skills. We care about our therapists’ work-life balance and career goals.

Community Minded: We work within community settings such as preschools and schools and participate in community events. We get back to our referral sources and make referrals to other health and community services as needed. We are constantly developing new ways to share speech pathology with our community. We are committed to engaging with communities of speech pathologists and sharing our skills and knowledge within the profession.

Innovation: We have an innovative service delivery model that ensures accessibility to services and high-quality options for our families. We are constantly improving our administrative and clinical systems so that they are efficient and effective. We are committed to collecting evidence in our practice settings and using this to inform our work. 

Our Services

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Our History

Julie Carey first opened Western Sydney Speech Pathology in 1990. She ran the practice from her Doonside home. In 2007, the practice moved to Kildare Court, Blacktown. 

In 2011, Celine joined the WSSP team. As a local, she had a strong desire to connect with the community. She engaged in a range of community events and built relationships with health professionals in the area. She quickly displayed her leadership skills, and in 2017, when Julie retired, Celine took over the business. Between 2017-2021, the business grew into a team of speech pathologists and administrators. 

In 2021, Rosie started working at WSSP as a senior speech pathologist. Celine and Rosie have been friends for a long time and always hoped to work together one day. Together, they began to envision the future for WSSP, develop innovative services, provide exceptional supervision to their team, and grow the business. 

In 2023, Western Sydney Speech Pathology was renamed to Word Stars Speech Pathology.



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