Therapy Blocks

At Word Stars, we provide therapy in blocks. Blocks usually last 10 or 20 weeks. Each block has clear goals. Towards the end of each block, we will review progress and discuss next steps. We have a variety of therapy blocks on offer from individual weekly therapy, to school holiday intensives, term-based groups, and blocks focusing on collaborating with your child’s team. Learn more below:

1:1 Weekly Therapy

1:1 therapy blocks are guided by an individual therapy plan created by the speech pathologist. The therapy plan outlines the length of the block, the goals, and how we will measure progress.

Term-based Group Therapy

Word Stars offers a range of high-quality evidence-based groups that run for 10-weeks across the school term. Some of our group offerings include; neurodiversity-affirming social groups, supported playgroup, storytelling group, paragraph writing group, and school readiness groups.

School Holiday Intensives

Every school holidays we run our “speech intensive”. This is a 2-week intensive service where children attend 8-10 sessions focusing on a specific speech production goal.

Every January school holidays, we run our “Getting Ready for Kindy Intensive” focusing on crucial school readiness skills for children starting Kindergarten.

Consolidation (Therapy Assistant) Block

At times, we recommend that children work with one of our trained therapy assistants to consolidate a goal they have already worked on with a speech pathologist. This provides further opportunities for practising their goal.

Supported Practice Block

In a supported practice block, parents/carers continue to work on a goal at home that has already been targeted in 1:1 or group sessions. The speech pathologist will provide regular ‘check-ins’ throughout the term so that parents/carers continue to feel supported.

Collaboration Block

In a collaboration block, the speech pathologist will connect and collaborate with other important people involved in a child’s support team. This often includes school or preschool teachers and other allied health professionals.

Extended Assessment

Sometimes the speech pathologist may recommend a longer assessment across a few months to really get to know a child and their needs.

Intentional Break

At times, the speech pathologist will recommend an intentional break from therapy. This will be planned and discussed with families. Intentional breaks are often recommended when there are other big life changes such as transitioning to school or welcoming a new baby to the family. Sometimes breaks are needed to focus on other priorities or to avoid burn-out.

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